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Discord message counter bot

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A discord bot that counts down to a given time. What's the secret? It does this by continuously editing the message as each minute passes by. Features: Easy to use; Open-source; Author is a friendly guy; Count down to events right in your server; You probably can't live without it once you've used it; Usage!help (or) !usage. Shows the. Discord - Message Leaderboard using SayaSupport Discord: Discord Bot: https://saya.ggInvite the Bot: Message Tracker Bot. Message Tracker is a discord bot that can filter certain keywords from messages a member types. You can easily choose the filtered word (s) and customize the. Creates a new thread in a forum channel, and sends a message within the created thread. Returns a channel, with a nested message object, on success, and a 400 BAD REQUEST on invalid parameters. Fires a Thread Create and Message Create Gateway event. The type of the created thread is PUBLIC_THREAD. Text to image AI generator.The most advanced AI bot .Midjourney is a new research lab focused on new mediums and tools for empowering people Join Now 1-72 of 1 Discord Servers.. 2022..

1 Answer. Sorted by: 0. You could: Lower the limit when you use client.logs_from. You could also leave the limit out, since the bot is most likely trying to get messages that don't
Contribute to reconlx/count-bot-discord development by creating an account on GitHub. Contribute to reconlx/count-bot-discord development by creating an account on GitHub. Skip to content Toggle navigation. Sign up
5. 50. Competetive. Counting. +4. Invite. Vote (88) Counting bot which responds like yoda. Use this bot to compete with other servers.
To use the Midjourney Bot, use a Discord Slash Command in a Bot channel, like #newbies-1. Start typing /imagine and you will notice something pop up above your text..
Features. Provide insight and analytics into the unique language of this server. Leaderboard of most common words in the server. Your own personal leaderboard of most common words. (Next major feature) Create an AI model that will mimic your style to send a message you would probably send on command. (Very far off) Create a web app that serves ...